Office Space Planning

Starting up a business and can’t figure out how your office should look like? Or, you feel there is something wrong with your current office setting? When you’re not quite sure what to do with your current office space or how to go about realizing your dreamed office arrangement and are contemplating a strategic space plan, reconfiguration or a possible move, call on our experts at Capital Office Furniture of South Florida for a Free Space Needs Analysis.

Our experts will take a close inventory of your current space, talk with your about future goals, anticipated changes, and provide a Space design with our recommendations. Your design would include both work spaces and support spaces (such as conference rooms, reception areas, open space floor plans, and break areas). Items addressed in the analysis include work groups and workstation needs, equipment inventory, storage and filing, privacy requirements, ergonomic considerations, appearance, and any other items specific to your business.

See office space planning sample below.